SCADO is a Scandinavian dog accessory brand founded by Anna Mörner & Stina Grape. Rooted in Scandinavian design tradition SCADO wants to challenge the existing market with a new way of creating dog accessories. 
We believe in new design, strong tailoring and attention to detail. We aim to inspire and emphasize individual style for you and your dog, today and tomorrow.

THE LEATHER comes from a Tuscany based tannery that has been producing naturally tanned leather for more than seventy years. The tannery is a benchmark in the world of vegetable tanning and famous for exceptional naturalness and softness. The philosophy is to produce high-quality leather by using innovative technology along with the best artisan tradition.

The tannery strictly monitors its vegetable- tanned leather to ensure a low impact on the environment. No animal is killed for its skin. On the contrary, the raw hides used by this tannery are the discarded by-products of the food industry.

With proper care and maintenance, vegetable tanned leather will age naturally, develop a beautiful patina and last for generations. When exposed to sunlight vegetable tanned leather will change tone of color. Warm and dry air will dry out the leather if it is not regularly treated.

When cleaning the leather we recommend using a very mild leather soap. Some chemicals and cleaning detergents can effect the surface of the leather and make it duller. Always test a product on a smaller area of the leather before applying it on the whole collar/leash.

THE FOUNDERS Anna Mörner & Stina Grape are two dog geeks who found each other in the name of dogs. They wanted to unite their passion for dogs, design and music and create dog accessories in a new design that they did not find available on the market. 

Together with former Macedonian street dog Aaron and the Hungarian Vizsla Jacko as their muses, they want to create a world of dog accessories made to fit their own lifestyle.

Anna and Stina invite you with open arms to become a member of the SCADO family!