SCADO is an innovative dog accessory brand based in Stockholm, co-founded in 2020 by Anna Mörner and Stina Grape. Rooted in Scandinavian design tradition, we want to challenge the existing market with a new way of designing dog accessories.
We believe in creative design, strong tailoring and attention to detail and we aim to inspire dog owners worldwide to express their unique sense of style through our accessories and, in turn, enhance their furry companions' individuality. 
Playful, conscious, and boldly rebellious!

THE FOUNDERS After meeting each other first time in Stockholm 2019, the co-founders Anna & Stina discovered a shared passion for dogs.
Driven by their experience in art, fashion and the music business and a passionate drive, these girls were certain they could change the game and bring high-quality design to dog owners around the world.  Together with former Macedonian street dog Aaron and the Hungarian Vizsla Jacko as their muses, they wanted to create dog accessories made to fit their own lifestyle. 
Anna and Stina invite you with open arms to become a member of the SCADO family!